Losing My Religion – R.E.M. cover – Gutted version. 😪

This week has been a wild ride. I tried and I stumbled. Sometimes it felt as if I was falling into a deep hole. I saw your hand and I grabbed it and we fell together. Then we were flying. Thank you.


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  1. Gord & Rebecca

    P3/BM —

    Of course, you did not fall at all. Our commercial culture is limited in how high it can rise to meet someone like Puddles.

    So, onward. See you this fall in NYC.


  2. You are one gifted creature…and the smartest clown on the bus.

  3. Oh, Puddles. I was so very sad when I saw the reaction to Royals (one of your best, I might add). As a musician, I truly understand how much we lay ourselves bare in a performance. You were fantastic. The judges are so surrounded by mainstream pop culture, that they really don’t know what to do with a genuinely unique counter cultural offering such as yourself. I proudly rocked by P3 t-shirt at our last gig.

  4. I love this, Puddles. I am excited to see what your career has in store for you. You, like Elvis, are a king in your art! You bring so much happiness wherever you go. God Bless you forever! ❤️

  5. Denise Tomlin

    I’ve been watching AGT for a while. I’ve seen all of your AGT performances (and a few on You Tube). I have to say that I have loved all of them and almost cried. You are so inspiring and every time you preform I want to give you a big hug! I MEAN IT! When you were voted off I was so upset… I hope that you come back as a wild card! I would love to know where any meeting spots are (if there are any) and if I could meet you in person I would be overjoyed and would give you a big hug! Please let me know if I could come see you anywhere! Love ya Puddles! -Kat Tomlin

  6. David

    You’re number one to anyone who matters.

  7. Aaron Miller

    my 11 year old son Lucas was gutted that you got voted off puddles. He cried when he found out and is still very upset talking about it. 🙁 we were so sad for you. so original and talented it gives me hope. just know that you were loved puddles! We hope you can get to Detroit!

  8. mervin

    Hey Puddles love your voice, would love to hear you cover Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, thanks for all the great music.

  9. Tom S

    Like the little girl said- “You were so good!” You made so many new fans. I can’t wait to see you in Atlanta. I’m driving there since it seems you don’t make it to South Carolina!

  10. Priscilla

    Puddles, you are one hell of an entertainer!!!!! I loved every performance and we are now Puddles Pity Party Fans!. See you in Redbank N.J.
    Joe and Priscilla Povlosky

  11. Lydia Zane

    Dear clown, Your creative life is so much larger than the suffering you endured. Your rendition of this song really hits hard. It is everything a heartfelt song should be. I’m so glad that you put yourself out in the public light because that is how I first learned of you. You are one of my favorite singers and I look forward to catching you on tour next year in Lancaster. Peace, Love and Understanding.

  12. Tim fugitt

    you speak for the rest of us

  13. J Harp

    I was really sorry that a voice like yours didn’t go further. Will you please consider The Voice?

  14. Lori

    I’ve always adored you, puddles.
    I was so excited to see you on AGT.
    You should have sang this song instead of Royals, looooove your rendition of this REM song…
    I just love you so much.
    I hope you go back and try again!!!!!

  15. John Baker

    You’re great, that show sucks. Use the exposure and move on.

  16. Juan Carlos

    Estupenda versión, muchas gracias por este regalo para mis oídos. Sigue Asi.

  17. Deqi Chen

    If you sung this song at AGT, I believe you will have been through to the final.

  18. LilyElizabeta

    Puddles Pity Party Perfection. :’-(

  19. ClownFan

    Your clown suits you well😊
    It’s your ward robe
    Makes me wonder what it would be like to live without pain
    Is a burka stifling or freeing? I don’t know

  20. Puccio

    How come you always mesmerize me and my best friends? 😉 Congrats.

  21. Tabitha French

    You move me and inspire my soul. I just am so in love with your voice.

  22. You are a pure gem. I cannot go a day without listening to you. They ne we get it right. Either because you are gay or not black enough or to old. Or the biggest one not a. If enough sob story. Look at Adam Lambert , Jennifer Hudson. We love you rather you are mine or puddles. Would it not be poetic justice to win agt as. You are my hero no matter what. Would like a big cup of coffee and and a piece of my husbands pie with you. You are giving us not and laughter and love. And Mike we sure need it now! Thank sarah for all the updates
    S! You are my winner! Love ya !


  23. Aaron H

    Should have done this one on AGT. Hope to see you soon live. RVA loves you!

  24. W. Riley

    Love the original. I love this version more. Spam dunk Puddles!

  25. john

    Finding you was a god send,your voice your presence your genius, has lite my world, i say this from my heart to you, my darkness has just got brighter ty god bless and calm waters my friend…

  26. tj drewery

    I love your version of this song way more than the original! We would love t see you come to Springfield Missouri!

  27. Deane Gainey

    What you did was fantastic, and truly the tip of the iceberg.

    Anyone who listens to this cover will crash smack into the base of that iceberg, and realize how deep you go. Keep going.

  28. Kelly Johnson

    I missed my dose of puddles today, so started watching some of your videos.
    This rendition of losing my religion is one of my favorites. It’s really not fair to make a 60 year old man cry.

  29. Kathy

    Puddles this is your old teacher friend and trust me falling into the hole is not the problem it is the getting back out time and time again!!!! We sad clown people – we are STRONG AND BRAVE- brave enough to allow the rest of them to feel superior in being perfectly hypocritical at times!!!! ps Never lose your religion – IT IS THE ONLY REAL TRUTH WE

  30. Kevin

    Fall? Not even close. You ascended. You went on a crass network television show and did something with extraordinary emotion and feeling and integrity. You’re a true artist. What you did was one of the most memorable things I have ever seen on television.

  31. Rob

    Not enough lovely words to say how much I love this cover…

  32. Annie

    Wow…just wow.

  33. Reta Taylor

    Puddles, if nothing else that terrible show did one great thing, introduced some of us starving for really great voiced and styled singers and performers that are completely unique unto themselves. I haven’t watched most of that show’s seasons, let alone each episode, but happened to tune in the first time you were on and had positively ever goosebump in the world lit up like firecrackers on my flesh! You got an instant and lifelong fan in me my man! I tuned in AFTER that each time in hopes of seeing you one more time and rallied every single person I know to your audience to vote as well as fall in love with every exciting nuanced performance we could get. Had to watch the whole rest of the season hoping they’d fit you in again somewhere! Their loss, the worlds loss, but our gain at finding you enormous talents! Been eyeball-earball addicted to you ever since, and will see you when you come to my town in April, and bringing all my friends with me!
    I’m currently making a doll to sit on my other pillow and watch your videos…and using your T-shirt “Pensive” for the head/face andxobblingthe rest together as close as I can get him to looking like you. Wish I could figure out a way to stuff his belly with a recording of your songs, just to REALLY make him groove! And am going to have the huge black Pom-poms on your shirt and will also make a hat for him/you. I have the cute pin for him too! Having fun with the whole project! Thanks for being you and don’t ever STOP being YOU! You are a true & brilliant one of a kind artistic soul!

  34. YellowBird

    dear puddles…
    the others allready said everything, they’ve said it all…
    it’s not the Falling that hurts so much as the exhausting struggle to Get Back Up
    we all Fall
    we are Human
    you are the Beautiful Voice of Falling People everywhere
    and you are right, when we catch hold of each others hands, in falling Together that is when we finally Fly
    thank you for being so Real
    i so admire your Courage
    may Creator help us all continue to fly, Together

  35. Puddles,
    My wife and I saw you Thursday Nov 30, at the Nova in Los Angeles. While we agreed the sound system wasn’t the greatest, and the crowd a bit dull, you were AWESOME. We tried to be the last photo opp but missed it a bit. My wife said you are the modern day Barry White, (you grunted) and while I agree, I’ve thought about it a lot and decided that for me, you are this generation’s Patsy Cline.

    Every verse she sang evoked emotion, whether her song or not, and you have the same gift. Try as I might, I can’t get Losing My Religion out of my head. The sincerity in your voice is unmistakable as truth and life experience. Bravo. We will come to see you the next time you are in California.

    Thanks Puddles

  36. Gill Batchelor

    U truly r a gifted singer. Doesn’t matter which song of yours I listen to, they all move me deeply,,,your voice is so captivating, rich,powerful and yet it holds an underlying sorrow and yearning which makes your songs so desirable….Cud listen to u all day long…

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