Wonder Of You – Elvis Presley cover – Seasick version

Look what I found in my archives! I forgot about this little seasick inducing nugget. Andrew and I shot this in our ‘wild and crazy guy’ phase. (Well excuuuuuse me!). This song was written by Baker Knight and a hit for ELVIS.
I dedicate this song to all you P³ers. These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride and you stuck by me and I ❤️ y’all. Let’s keep doin’ our thing. We’re still in this together.


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2 Responses to Wonder Of You – Elvis Presley cover – Seasick version

  1. kjs

    Hi P, I do feel a little sick…..but ur vocal, great as usual. How do you feel about trying “Trail of Broken Hearts” by kd lang? Sad song for the sad clown who makes us all happy. Thank you for that.

  2. Rafa

    Where can i purchase this version of the song!!??

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