Back In The Crowd – Tom Waits cover – Paint by numbers version

Dusted off this chestnut. I love me some Tom Waits. It was written and produced by Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan. Please look for and find their music.


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  1. Tom Church

    Love you Puddles! Thanks for the illumination during times of darkness for we are all the sad clowns of America!

  2. Peri

    I love this guy…surfing old talent show videos and discovered him. Puddles: I’m worried about you…you’ve lost weight, from the looks of your face. If it’s on purpose, well, then…okay. But if you’re working too hard….hmmm. And if someone is doing your make-up for you, they need to leave it just as it was….a little sadder and more tired/ironic, to contrast with, or enhance, your singing. We the world have just been waiting for you, and it’s a joy to see poor “Puddles” get filthy rich just being his unique self.

    I would love it if you would try, “It’s All In the Movies” by Merle Haggard, and “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffet, “If We’re Not Back in Love By Monday”, also by Merle…I can also see you doing more Tom Waits and the old Mac Davis song, “Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me” and even some Elvis crooners like (especially) “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, “I Can’t Help Falling…”….America’s “Horse With No Name”….maybe the Beatles, “Hey Jude”, and since your voice is also a bit like Gordon Lightfoot’s, maybe some of his stuff. Some old folk stuff like “The River Is Wide” if you are ever feeling folksy. Amy Lee’s, “Lithium” non-rock versions with just violin/piano, or guitar. Maybe something by Susan Crowe…? (“Your One and Only Life”?) Some of these I like a lot already, but some I think I would like just because I’ll like what you add to them. Being in psychiatry, I love the idea of you singing songs about moods, feelings, and states of mind (Oh yeah, how about “New York State of Mind”?!). –PM, a New Fan in St. Louis (Please bring your tour here.)

  3. Kevin

    Your voice and interpretation of so many different artists are amazing ,,, thank you and god bless.. perhaps one day , get to hear you in person… keep the music and emotion alive.

  4. I hate clowns since i was a child but i love paint by numbers a lot :=)

  5. Jeri S Baird

    I love you Puddles. I’m an old lady with a strange way of thinking. You optimise me. I’m a fan. Haven’t been a fan of anyone since John Lennon was killed. Keep up the story. I need you

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