New Whiskey River – Hope For Agoldensummer – Are You Listening?

I love singing this song. It was written by Claire Campbell, Page Campbell and Deeds Davis. They are a band called Hope For Agoldensummer. They are my friends and make incredible art. I’m trying some new style for Tunesday. I hope it’s OK. I hope. I ❤️ y’all.

This track was engineered and produced by Martin Kearns at Down In Deep Studio.


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6 Responses to New Whiskey River – Hope For Agoldensummer – Are You Listening?

  1. LYNZ

    I listened and I loved it. This is bigger than Puddles Pity Party although I did sense a connection with the Puddles Ducky.

  2. Brenda

    I love the song. He makes me look at his eyes. That is so greatest song. I want to see your smile face.

  3. I just discovered this song today and I have listened to it basically on a loop ever since. I’m OBSESSED WITH THIS.

  4. I took away a lot very good points from this post and will definitely save it in my bookmarks. Thanks for the effort you took to elaborate on this subject so thoroughly. I look forward to future posts.

  5. Gwen

    I could listen to an entire album of music like this. What a wonderful song, take me down this path.

  6. Mike McAlick


    You are magnificent!
    You’re voice is chilling & hauntingly
    Amazing. My God/ such a gift you have.
    I’d love for you to cover a Chris Cornell song or give a listen to his version of Ave Maria & maybe have a whack at it.
    I found you by accident & I’m so hooked. So amazing!
    I’m a huge Elvis fan too & love those concerts you did also.
    God bless you and please stay safe out there.

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