Under Pressure/Let It Go Smoosh-Up – Queen & Disney’s Frozen – Why Not?

A song for all times. The pressure is real. Find comfort where ya can. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Keepin’ it vegan. Good thing today is cardio day. I ❤️ pie & I ❤️ y’all!


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11 Responses to Under Pressure/Let It Go Smoosh-Up – Queen & Disney’s Frozen – Why Not?

  1. Pat Ryan

    I am amazed at what I have seen. It is obvious you are master of your craft. Everyone that sees these amazing performances is left with the same bewilderment. It’s addictive but they are not sure what is drawing them in. Not only are the pieces meticulously performed, PUDDLES just draws you in with his non-intrusive almost childlike demeanor. Then, BAM out pours that voice – it’s magic. Thanks for coming up with something that not only touches the ears, but the heart and soul of anyone who as ever sang, or been sad, or both. Can’t get enough. Puddles just makes me smile – makes my day.

  2. Amber Meyers

    Please come to Texas – may I recommend Austin for the folks who will totally get you! And I will drive there!

    • Brian

      long time fan, looking for your music in flac format. Not your lossy format converted to flac, rather your music in a lossless format. Thank you.

  3. Ben

    I found you on YouTube after seeing you on AGT. I also found, thanks to you, Post Modern Jukebox. Fucking amazing.

    I’ll see you at the mirage next month. You are the supreme shit.

  4. Dan Myers

    Big Fan! Keep it up, Puddles or not great voice and I am going to see you soon Somewhere.

  5. ciro vargas clemow

    I have only one word to say FANTASTIC !!!!

  6. Jennine

    I can’t love this enough.

  7. Eric

    Puddles, keep pushing man, you are a legend in my house haha. Your Chandelier song blew my mind at Americas Got Talent. I wish you would od that song as a single. I would buy it in a heart beat.!!!!! If you did then I havent found it yet lol

  8. Kir

    Leave it to a sad clown to create something so deliciously uplifting. The Breaking News scrolling at the bottom of this video is one of those game-changing pieces of information that needs to be spread far and wide.

  9. Fantastic and yet – clowns not withstanding – somehow eerie.

  10. Carlos Eduardo Sato

    A Hug from Brazil! Fantastic Song!!!

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