Songs From The Road – Kentucky Rain

I’m on the road again. As I travelled through Kentucky, and on my way to Memphis, I was reminded of that great Eddie Rabbit song that Elvis had a hit with. I just had to do a backstage rendition. This was done backstage at Bomhard Theater at the Kentucky Center For The Arts. I hope to see ya out on the road someday. I hope.


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  1. Angie

    Thanks for the incredible show in Louisville. We had a fantastic time! You are such a kind, genuine, and talented artist.

    Until next time,

  2. I love your rendition of this song so much, Puddles. You sing it from the heart.

  3. Kyle

    Hi P: Thanks for this. I love the impromptu nature of Songs from the Road and Coffee Shop
    covers. I don’t have social media accounts anymore (used to follow u on Twitter) so I’m thankful for these updates from the road. You’re just terrific. See u when u get to NJ. Cosmic Love

  4. David gonzalez

    Have you considered doing Mother by the Police. I think it could be a great song for a sad clown. Dig down to your roots and put that original puddles twist to it and If nothing else the university kids will love it.

  5. Irene Jardine

    Like many others I came across your music by accident. AGT , which one has to say is simply beneath your extraordinary talents led me here. I just wanted to thank you for some truly stunning music , your voice , the control the clarity is a rare quality these days, I wish you a very heart standing ovation from across the pond. Your remarkable.

  6. Deane Lane

    Hello Puddles, I am the lady you danced with and poured coffee with in Louisville, KY. Just wanted to say how awesome it was for me. I love your voice and those Puddles Cuddles are amazing. I hope you will be entertaining for many years to come. I am usually very shy and introverted but when you took me up on stage I felt great. So glad I got my hair cut the day before LOL.

  7. Megan Miller

    Y’know, Asheville, NC isn’t that far away from your most recently added tour date in Nashville. Nashville/Asheville – it has a certain symmetry. Just sayin’.

  8. Christine HEDOU

    Thanks! You are a Life’s gift! Hope to see you one day in France!
    Be fine and happy!


    Thank you Puddles.
    We all appreciate your music and love you.
    I know there is a lot of false rumors being spread that you and Big Mike are the same person, which is absolutely ridiculous because anyone can see you dress differently and you are definitely taller than Big Mike by at least half an inch…

  10. Tom

    Here’s a suggestion: Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” sung to Larry Williams’ “Slow Down”!

  11. Matt L

    Thank you Puddles, and the man behind the greasepaint, for sticking with it through whatever you’ve been through, I just watched your America’s Got Talent audition where you sang about hanging on, and i cried a river, because I’m barely hanging on, and to see you so weird and different but delivering a REAL version of your soul through your music and your real tears when the judges basically gave you the BIG HUG of acceptance, I’m wanting that, and when you got it, I got it too, because I’m weird and my life doesn’t make any sense right now, and nothing seems to be working, so to see you finally win big and now making a career made me feel I can have hope. thanks. for being you, even behind the greasepaint.

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