My Favourite Song From Viva Las Vegas

My pal and quick change artist, Billy Pitman, dropped by the house, and we played my favourite song from Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas movie. It was written by Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman. It’s such a vulnerable lament. Many thanks to the most generous ETA, Tim Ritzka, for representin’! Keith Roberts & Andrew Woodman shot the video bits.


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8 Responses to My Favourite Song From Viva Las Vegas

  1. Lynne Hackett

    Hi Puddles,
    For his birthday a friend got tickets to see you, somewhere near Tennessee. He didn’t explain you, just said to look you up. So, this is my first “fan” letter.

    You are handsome. Your voice is stunning. You are a freeking genius!

    Thank you.

  2. John Cairney

    You ARE tha man!!! Do you think you would ever be coming to Toronto, Canada or Montreal?

    John et al

  3. Will

    Hi Puddles!
    Really looking forward to seeing you next time you’re in NC.. I’m on the bus! With great love the Pizza man..
    Will from Raleigh

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  5. Jeanette E Means

    Where do I send a fan art gift? Thank you.

  6. Linda

    Dearest Puddles once again you have made me fall in love with your beautiful voice. I listen to you everyday and everyday I fall in love. Thank you for being such a lovely soul ! I can’t get through a day without listening to you sing. Your biggest fan Linda*

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