Original music – Andrew Quinn wrote it. I sing it.

Oh hello, Monday! My friend, Andrew Quinn, wrote this gorgeous sad song. Tim Delaney recorded it and Keith Roberts shot the video. Let’s start the week with a good cry.


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  1. Kyle

    Hi P.!
    Your friend wrote a terrific song for you! “In the end”, SAD right outta the gate. Perfect for Puddles. I love the arrangement, your singing (and all you do for your fans, hugs and all). See you next time in N.J. Enjoy vaca. Cosmic Love, Kyle

  2. Kyle

    Hi Puddles! Great song and great singing as usual. I like the car you’re driving in the video. My husband does too. He thinks it’s a Chevy Impala. Is he right? Look forward to seeing you in NJ. Hope your friend Andrew Quinn has more beautiful songs for you. Cosmic Love.

  3. Jim

    Awesome!!! Can you do Wait’s Heart attack and Vine!!!

  4. Audrey Ritchie

    Thank you to both you and Andrew Quinn for sharing this beautiful song with us. I’m still in shock at the news of my son’s passing. This tune stays in my mind and gives me some comfort.

  5. FRO

    Awesome! Holy shit! MORE!

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