My friends and I cover Tom Waits!

Tom Waits wrote this song. I’m usually a little hesitant to cover songs by Tom Waits. His music feels so complete when he performs it. What can I bring to it? But his songs are so irresistible. My friends Kerry Marsh, Billy Pitman, Andrew Quinn and Doo Dah joined me on this one. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You can get a single here.


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4 Responses to My friends and I cover Tom Waits!

  1. Jeanette E Means

    Dear Puddles, do you have an address that I use to send a gift to you. It is an exclusive ooak doll that i would like to send you. Please reply! Thank you!

  2. Kyle

    Hi P. : That was beautiful. The lyrics, wow. I’m more about the melody and the singer, but you enunciate so well that I find myself understanding the lyrics more when I listen to you. I loved the steel guitar too. That twang….made me think of a k.d.lang song called “Pullin’ Back the Reins”. I believe you can sing anything. Maybe it’s in your wheelhouse. Take a look at the video. Cosmic Love Babes ( c u November)

  3. Linda Beyer

    Lovein it! Love you…See you in AC 11/2
    Jersey Girl

  4. Randy Thompson

    Loved the cover, I have nearly everything recorded by Tom, could you do another. Maybe Ruby’s arms or Romeo’s bleeding. Really anything would be great. Your voice moves me, thank you for sharing your gift.

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