I’m singing a Kinks song with Jake La Botz!

This song was written by Dave Davies. Our pal, Jake La Botz, stopped by the garage. We talked about life and living and his Buddhist meditation practice. Then we decided to play this song. It’s been on my mind lately, although I’ve never played it before. Jake plays a mean guitar, and I love playing that outta tune Ban-Tar or whatever it’s called. Let’s hear it for Andrew and that Fog Storm 1200! I adore making art with these guys. Get this single here.


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2 Responses to I’m singing a Kinks song with Jake La Botz!

  1. Kyle

    Hi P: I looked up skiffle. Very down home. I wish I played the banjo so I could “stop by the garage” and plunk along with you. What fun. Appreciate you and your talented friends. Cosmic Love Clown!

  2. Kyle

    Hey P. Listened again. Lovin’ this song. Ur low register really gets me. “We are not 2, we are one”. Love it . Wish the whole world got that. See you have a new logo. I see some pain in those eyes. Hope just acting. See u Nov. Cosmic Love Babes!

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