Crazy Train – Chill Style – Ozzy Osbourne cover

My pal RL Martin came by the garage before we went to see an early viewing of The Joker. We were wondering what to play when train after train went by. He just started playing Crazy Train. Andrew captured it. One take and off we went. I know some of y’all are not gonna like what I did here, but I’m gonna go where the muse takes me. I’m just inviting you to come along for the ride. To see what happens. Let’s go!


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18 Responses to Crazy Train – Chill Style – Ozzy Osbourne cover

  1. Rex Scott

    This is very cool. I dug it.
    So like to get this and Rainbow in the dark.

  2. Kevin

    As an Ozzy fan I love this cover!

  3. Kyle

    Hey P. Don’t u worry about what we like or don’t like. Just do ur thang babes! For the record, I liked it. The actual train going by was funny. Cosmic Love

  4. Nancy Shevitz

    Absolutley as powerful as Ozzie’s. lyrics totally insane…never knew them!

  5. Carla Burandt

    Love, Love, Love this! Keep it up!
    P.S. Can’t wait till you come back to Nashville!

  6. Kyle

    Hi Puddles! My husband and I saw the show last nite, Nov. 1 at the Newton Theater in N.J.
    And we were at the Meet and Greet. Our pictures and videos from ur Private Pity Party r excellent. You’re TALENT and HUMOR just kill me. I love the new opening with Sound of Silence. U sing that song perfectly .Everything was perfect. The big notes, new songs, old songs, audience participation. Sorry we all didn’t get the Wedding March right on the first try! Ur miming, so funny. I liked it when u climbed on the stool and barked like a seal. And ur hugs are precious. Thank you for all. Cosmic Love, Kyle and Jake (some of the “Ginger Rogers” pics came out very well!) C U next year…..

  7. Kyle

    Also, my husband just said to tell you ur rocket launching sounds were very good and he didn’t miss the Impala engine rumbling noises at the Meet and Greet. (:

  8. I like the helpful info you provide on your articles.

  9. Jeff

    This has become my favorite song/video.

  10. Doug Peters

    Great cover. The switch to Message in a Bottle by The Police was magnificent.

    Also, please consider a cover of “Sad Songs and Waltzes” by Cake.

  11. Rex Scott

    This rocks!
    Needs to be on ITunes

  12. Andre Lozier

    Love this version of crazy train. I would love to here you do a version is Silent Lucidice! That’s if you can do it! LOL,just joking. You can do it , you got the voice it! Andre

  13. larry

    such command of your voice, creating the feelings of music.

  14. Dennis

    After listening to you sing this, whenever I hear Ozzy’s original on the radio I shake my head and say “It’s not the same as Puddles..” I love your style and your voice is amazing!

  15. Brian

    For some reason I would put this performance as the best cover of a song ever. I’m impressed at this version. Well done Puddle!

    • gday brian bryan from east coast of australia..i tottally agree ,,BEST COVER SONG EVERRRR ,most intense hypnotic voice ,,video adds to th soul of the cover

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