Listen Hear Kids! Radio Show For Kids. Ep.1

While we’re social distancing ourselves, our pal Alex Gordon and I had a fun idea to do a thing together. He has a radio show that I love, and I thought y’all might love it, too. It’s made for kids, but it’s also fun for grown-ups. More are on the way and each episode will be available for download soon at Alex Gordon Radio. Listening is fun!


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4 Responses to Listen Hear Kids! Radio Show For Kids. Ep.1

  1. Sarah Pesto

    You are the best!

  2. Kyle

    Kids r so funny. And YOU r very good at not cracking a SMILE. Cosmic Love

  3. I love this Nothing is funnier than what kids can come up with and how they think LOL LOL LOL Please do more We all need to laugh especially now!!!

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