One More Light – Linkin Park – Chester Bennington

Oh hello! A few P3ers asked that I have a go at this tune. When I heard Chester Bennington sing this, I was truly moved indeed. I hope I did it justice here. I love y’all. Andrew Woodman shot the video. Kat Riederich engineered audio. Tim DeLaney helped with the mix. I edited the video on a computer. I also played guitar and sang.
Get this single here.


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8 Responses to One More Light – Linkin Park – Chester Bennington

  1. Carla

    Dear Puddles,
    Pity pals let me know that Georgie is hurting and is with the vet. We are all pulling for him, wishing for quick comfort, praying in whatever way we do for a speedy recovery. Over these years I’ve seen how much the two of you mean to each other, how blessed you’ve both been to find each other. Adoption goes both ways. In this puzzle we live in, the Georgie piece just fit. Isn’t love such a wonderful thing? At this time, I feel compelled to send you words of consolation. Funny what comes to mind… HOLD FAST. GIVE LOVE. HAVE HOPE. MAKE PEACE.
    My best to you, Georgie, and your pals BMG & SN.
    CCEA…aka “The Shrinky Dink Queen”

  2. I love all of your songs and never thought I would have a favorite but this is my favorite. It’s so deep and the lyrics are so relatable to me. Thank you Puddles! I’m still praying for your baby, Sweet Georgie! 🙏🏻

  3. Kyle

    Hi P., Such a sad song. Music has always helped me in hard times. It makes me think of a line in a poem I wrote for you in 2017 after AGT. “Though sad, he uplifts all who are near him.” Your sensitivity and heart always come through. We love you too!

  4. Kyle

    Oh gosh, P. I’m not on social media so I HAD to come here to comment on Milwaukee Moon, sorry! That video is the most adorable thing you’ve ever done. So sweet, so vaudeville. Loved the fire and ur MOONFACE expressions are just right. They’re subtle and perfect. But where do u get these troublesome stools?! Cosmic Love Oh, and love the low register.

  5. Hawserman


    Your covers are without compare. Whatever you choose comes out so good.
    Please look at and consider Bob Dylan’s latest. “Murder most foul” your voice
    Will do so much for his latest. His intention with the lyrics is so generational and time specific that it was ‘THE” moment that put our country on it’s path of the last 50 years.
    You will wake people up to their reality with your voice.

  6. Esther Murphy

    I was not aware of this song, or the artists it connects.
    Thank You Puddles. You make my life better.

  7. Ted

    A song request, the Toadies “Tyler”.

  8. Mike

    Beautiful. Love the message and the commitment to it.

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