I’m streaming shows! And more!

Hello out there, P3ers! Since we’re sequestered most of the summer, I’ve teamed up with Veeps.com to stream a series of shows into the safety of your living rooms every other Saturday, starting May 30th. In addition to the streaming series, I’m also scheduling VIP Meet ‘n Greet sessions every other Sunday starting May 31st via OnLocationLive. Tickets for the streaming shows as well as the VIP Meet ‘n Greets are on sale now at the following links. Looking forward to “seeing” you all real soon!
Summer Streaming Series Tickets Here: 
VIP Meet ‘n Greet Session Tickets Here: 


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13 Responses to I’m streaming shows! And more!

  1. Janice Medor

    Please sing Believer….absolutely luv it!

  2. John

    Puddles, recently discovered you a few months ago and LOVE your work! You’re music to my ears. I live in beautiful Arizona and enjoy classic western songs. Do you think it’s possible to mash up El Paso and Rawhide? Your voice rivals Marty Robbins!
    Marty Robbins : El Paso
    Frankie Laine : Rawhide

  3. dave

    I hope you read these. You have made me laugh in times when when I wanted to cry. You’re shit is just delicious. Thank you.

  4. Michael A Barnett

    I have dreamed for YEARS of hearing a Marilyn Manson/Metallica version of the theme to “Friends” in a creepy/haunting minor key. Can you imagine yourself singing “I’ll be there for you” as an evil clown from Hell??? Fulfill me??? Also, I’m gonna play my ‘frontline nurse card in a pandemic’ card to win you over. Will it work?

  5. Oscar Nunez

    Would love to hear “Estoy Sentado Aqui” on the next streaming show!

  6. Renee Michelle

    Puddles – You are killing it on my TV screen, man! I get to see your quirky expressions so close and clearly – you eat up the screen! It’s amazing! It’s intimate! It sounds amazing! And the laughs balance the message so great. You are electric! This is your venue. You shine so bright. Are these gonna be for sale on a dvd one day, cuz I’d buy it up! Also – I really, really, oh so bad really wanna hear you sing Elvis’ I Cant Help Falling to a kitten. Oh man. Love you so much, it hurts baby. Dats why I cry. So good…right on time you are. Bless you.

  7. G-d given creativity, and that voice, such a blessing. http://www.fireescapecounseling.com

  8. Russell Levine

    Requests for one of the upcoming streams:
    The Shady Dame From Seville (from Victor/Victoria)
    I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair (from South Pacific)
    There’s A Light [Over At The Frankenstein Place] (from The Rocky Horror Show)

  9. Susanne Lerchenmüller

    Grüezi Puddles
    Thanks for the possibility of streaming shows! And for the VIP Meet and Greet meetings! I’m really looking forward to my “first time” next Sunday!
    Please take good care of yourself in this crazy time!
    PS.: could you please sing SPACE ODDITY? It’s my personal favorite song? By the way – “A Horse with no name” would also be cool. *smirks
    Thank you very much.

  10. Audrey Ritchie

    Puddles, I’ve been enjoying your streaming shows and do have a request for a song I’d love to hear you sing, Viva La Vida. Anyway, keep doing what your doing because, it’s perfect.

  11. Renee Raasch

    Don’t know if this is the place to put in a request for the streaming shows but here goes. I have always loved how you did “Hurt”, that’s a favorite of mine. I also have wanted to hear you do “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue or “Time After Time”, “True Colors” by Cindy Lauper. There are so many I would request, I absolutely love your voice I could listen day and night. Thank you for all you do and all you are Puddles!

  12. RenaP3pet

    I cannot wait to see you on the 11th! I looked outside yesterday and now I really need to have a good laugh/cry, so thank you, friend!
    If you care, I’d ❤️ to hear Sunnyside.
    Take care!

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