Puddles Pity Party Home Alone Holiday Special

Oh hello, y’all! I hope you’ll join me TOMORROW, Sat. Nov. 28th, for the premiere of my Home Alone Holiday Special on Veeps! If you can’t join us during the premiere, your ticket allows you to view the special anytime after the premiere, as many times as you like, through January 1st. We’ve got a cavalcade of talent lined up including performances by Gaelynn Lea Music, Storm Large,Mandy Harvey, Alex Edelman, Heather Witt Tyron Bogey Thornton and @Jonathan Burns along with special appearances by Jack Black, Patton Oswalt, Michael Stipe, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Howie Mandel, Steve Agee, Santa Claus and more! Tickets available now and throughout the entire month of December at https://puddlespityparty.veeps.com. Tune in and sing along!


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3 Responses to Puddles Pity Party Home Alone Holiday Special

  1. wondering if Christmas eve can kill you by the Everly brothers is up your alley..

  2. Linda

    Love listening to you puddles

  3. Awwww, Im sorry youre home all alone…watch the movie then..Home Alone. I want to pick on you yet, I want to give you a hug but youre like two feet taller then me so I cant hug that region. No. WOuld love to hear from you, just a greeting or a photo of your autograph to Rick from Puddles, all the best…something like that or Hey Cheer up, Spring is coming!! ya love, from the clown, Puddles. Take care, stay safe and be kind. Rick Jones in a place near but not in Vancouver, BC, Canada. ellonysman@yahoo.ca is where you can fake sign me your autograph or use donut sugar to write on a window and photograph it…whatever, use coffee on a table..dont matter. Im sad too. Rick

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