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Finally! I’m busting out and taking my UNsequestered Show on the road! Tour begins in December. Limited VIP Meet & Greet packages available. Tickets on sale this Friday, 6/25. Click HERE for ticket links. Can’t wait to see y’all!


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35 Responses to TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Maury Welsh

    Looking forward to your visit back to Dallas or Fort Worth Texas!
    Come on down to Cow Town Mr. Sad Clown.

  2. Nannerz

    Coming to the Midwest?
    SOON, Mister Puddles.

  3. Kyle

    Hey P.
    OK, we’re in for Redbank, Dec. 8. Front row , HOT DIGGITY. Can’t wait to c u in living CLOWN color. Missed u. It’s such a HAPPENING. I love ur brand of CHAOS + TALENT. C u Babes, Cosmic Love

  4. Oz Geier

    Hooray! It’s great to be back out on the road.

  5. Kevin

    Strat and to the point, It’s like this I have coulrophobia, however I really enjoy your music and what I’ve seen of you show. I’ve been working on this for a wail and can at least watch you videos. Is there any chance you would be doing any shows in Minnesota? If you want to why I’m have coulrophobia, let me just say I grew up in Chicago area and John Wayne Gacy. Thank you for your time I it would be nice to hear from you.

  6. Bart

    I’m so sad you are not coming to Ohio… 🙁 I’ll have to listen to some of your sad songs and cry.

  7. Scott Jenkins

    Don’t skip over North Carolina! How about a show in Charlotte late December or early January? We need some Puddles!


    OH PLEASE come back to Seattle!! I bought tickets and was so excited and at the last minute the person I was going with backed out and I couldn’t go 😭 Still have my now expired tickets sitting in my dresser. My heart is still crushed 💔 Whenever you make it this way, I’ll be first in line to buy tickets again ♥️

  9. Sally Greene

    Why no Cleveland Ohio dates Puddles ? Waiting patiently…

  10. Kyle

    Hey P: Re: recent cover of The Comedians. I get such chills when you hit the money notes. Just love it. Roy Orbison is one of the GREATS I didn’t see LIVE. Not making that mistake with you. See you at your first show back in Redbank, NJ. Cosmic love Babes.

  11. Chris Fuchs

    Are you going to come back to Denver? I had tickets to the show last year.

  12. Gary Hooks

    No Knoxville Tennessee?

  13. Juli Conger

    Colorado? Mr.Puddles💙 can you please add Colorado to your tour? Thank you

  14. Joaquim Ramos

    And Europe (Barcelona-Caalunya-Spain) When?

  15. Nick

    Hey puddles we could use your talent on Long Island. Would love to see u.
    Contact me I have a small event and a theatre we could try to get u in
    Thanks. Nick Soldano.

  16. george cibula

    naples or ft. myers please.

  17. Jack Stronach

    Hi Puddles,

    Everything allright? Keeping safe and healthy?

    Have your plans for a European tour already crystallized a bit more? And any chance that your tour coincides with PMJ’s European tour?

    Hope to see you live in action soon in a town near me.


  18. Christy Albin

    Safe Travels. Enjoy the journey. Thanks for the music. Now go break a leg!

  19. amy d

    YES! Got tickets for your Boston show at The Wilbur and we are SO excited to see you perform live once again! Thanks for playing our town and thanks for giving us something to really look forward to! Stay safe and healthy- we LOVE you!

  20. Kyle

    Hey P.:
    I listen to u while riding my bike and always start off with Lonely Guy. So perfect. I’ve been to 3 shows but it wasn’t on the set list. I’d love to hear it in person. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Looking forward to seeing u in December no matter what u sing. Cosmic Love

  21. Melissa Mason

    Where are the salt lake city dates? Or Oregon at least….

  22. Beldar1215

    Please come back to Denver. I had tickets to a show that got cancelled.

  23. Kyle

    Hey P: So happy to see you live last night. You sound EXCELLENT. Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for singing LONELY GUY at the meet and greet. I’m totally owning that since I mentioned it in my last text. It was a thrill . Loved the set list. I did miss the audience interaction because it gives you so much more clowning oppurtunities, but your talent and magnetism will get you through this transition. Your fans are a rabid and loyal lot. Just wait til everybody starts bringing you candy and putting it on the stage during toxic! Very funny watching such a big guy bump and grind. That belly roll was unbelievable! Cosmic Love Babes. Kyle …..your fan through thick and thin.

  24. John Kececioglu

    Please, Puddles, please: Come to Tucson, Arizona!

  25. Roberta

    Northern California in April, please, please, please!

  26. Krockdockan (a Swedish Volvo Crash-dummy)

    Mr. Puddles, When do you plan a tour to Sweden or Scandinavia or Europe??? Can’t wait to see you live on a swedish Puddles Pity-Party Tour… 😎👍

  27. Krockdocka

    Mr. Puddles, Come over to Sweden for a Scandinavian/Swedish Pitty-Party Tour. Rhere’s alot of swedish and Scandinavian fans that wana see you live Puddles!


    Any chance you can come back to Thunder Valley or someplace close to Sacramento/Folsom after your San Francisco date? Please, please, please, oh pretty please….

  29. Steve

    My time to be sad =( Please include some midwest dates next time around. I’m positive Illinois and Ohio agree with me here in Indiana. We need a good pity party.

  30. Gary Hooks

    So no Knoxville Tennessee dates? I have attended every time you have been here.

  31. Pete

    Hi…….. Just wondering when you will be coming to Australia in particular Western Australia ???????????

  32. Sue Essen

    Puddles, please come to Albuquerque NM and let us wipe your tears away, or at least share our tissues! Thank you for sharing your interior so excruciatingly well.

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