SEMI-Sequestered Show on MomentHouse Aug 19 & 20!

Ahoy there, P3ers! I’m excited to be teaming up with my new friends at MomentHouse to bring you a brand new episode of my Sequestered Show series! This time, I’ll be venturing back into my studio and getting my ol’ crew back together.  We’ll have new tunes, surprise guests and an appropriate amount of absurdity. 

Get some Night Coffee brewing, because I’ll also be doing an After Party! AND, on Saturday Aug 21st, I’m hosting one-on-one video Meet & Greets (limited tickets available for Meet & Greet).

Tickets on sale now at!   

(photo by EMily Butler Photography)


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2 Responses to SEMI-Sequestered Show on MomentHouse Aug 19 & 20!

  1. Jack

    Hi Puddles,
    See you august the 20th.
    Looking forward to it!

  2. J. Stronach

    The show just ended. Thank you Puddles. It was very enjoyable. Hope to see you soon in the Netherlands.
    ….And don’t forget about making more cd’s……. 🙂

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