Tour Announcement!

I’m hitting the road with my pal Piff The Magic Dragon. Tickets on sale Friday, February 11. Check my Dates Page to see if we’re coming to a town near you.


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  1. John Marshall

    Santa Fe! You’re so close. Land of Enchantment, you must come and play your magic tunes

  2. Brian Barr

    Hi Puddles,
    I am very disgruntled.
    December 2021, I took my girlfriend to see you in new Jersey and my sister to the Manhattan show.
    It’s just after midnight. I set my alarm to wake up to buy tickets to bring my daughter to see you. Regretfully, the venue in Patchogue NY requires a $125.00 membership in order to order tickets.
    On semantics and principle, I refuse to allow them to gouge me.
    I am saddened by this terribly. I really wanted my daughter to experience your live performance.
    P.S. please let me know that you are aware of this situation.

  3. Kyle

    Hi P: That Billie Eilish cover is beautiful. You sound sooo good. The milk, tears, notes, black background….very moving and stylish (I didn’t mean to rhyme, but it sounds good). So I’ll see you with Piff in October. I’m beyond happy to be ALIVE to see it. One week after seeing you in Redbank, NJ, I had a very bad heart attack. My heart stopped twice, compressions, shocks, 2 stents and miraculously, I’m in one piece with no heart or brain damage. Thank you UNIVERSE. When I got home, I texted a girlfriend about what happened and she said, “OMG, I’m so sorry, I’m glad ur all right. At least you got to see PUDDLES! ” She knows where it’s at! Cosmic love Babes, c u (Hope ur laughing, no tears, I’m ok.)

  4. jan

    1st group of tickets arrived today!!!!3 more coming!!!!

  5. Stephen Kent


    No North Carolina?


    Now I’m havin a pity party.

  6. David Veit

    when in upper New York State

  7. Mark

    Iowa City loves you both. But now we are sad because you aren’t coming to our town. Your individual shows here were both awesome! I can’t even fathom a Puddles/Piff Smoosh-Up?! Mind Blown!! Please, please, please add us to your tour schedule. I will sponsor you again!

  8. Please When you feel up to it? Come to Canada again.. !

  9. Frank

    PLEASE come back to Wisconsin Puddles!!

  10. David Jones

    When is the next tour in Virginia?

  11. Cheryl Parks-Caffee

    Thank you. 😉

  12. William Puchert

    Reno, Nevada in June Please! I know a few venues!

  13. Willie

    Why not Reno, Nevada in June when you are in between Oregon and California?

  14. Daneen Warsinskey

    Please come to Cleveland Ohio
    We love you!

  15. Rodney Nickels

    Will you ever be in Southern California? San Diego?

  16. Andy

    When in Los Angeles?

  17. Darren

    Come to Canada Puddles.

  18. Joyce Teefey

    Requesting tour dates in North Carolina…no tour dates listed. I love watching Puddles perform…please tour North Carolina. Happy Birthday Puddles. 7/18/22.

  19. We’d love to see you in Bloomington, IL!

  20. Megan K

    Please come visit Arizona! I would love to see you!

  21. Carl Butler

    Had a really great time in Providence Rhode Island on Sept. 29 that the Vets!! I really had to keep my wits about me when Puff was boggling my mind with all his miraculous magic feats!! Puddles let me on stage for the 2nd to the last skit for the night “Come sail away” Had a really marvelous time and really pleased with The dynamic duos performance in this Greatest show on Surf and Turf!!

  22. John

    When you coming to Dallas Tx?

  23. Sophie

    Puddles, any chance you can schedule some Uk dates into a future tour?

  24. Dori Docherty

    I saw Puddles last night in Harrisburg, PA. I wish I had the opportunity to personally tell him it was the best performance I have ever seen. Well worth the ticket money and then some. Such an uplifting evening. I will definitely go to another performance!

  25. Michael Berezansky

    Please come to Toronto, you have many fans here…

  26. Melissa Caudle

    My boyfriend absolutely loves you and has been telling me he wants to take me to your show.
    We have been looking at your dates for shows but haven’t seen any Florida dates.
    Are you planning on coming to Florida soon?

  27. Wayne Barrett


    Any chance you can come to Ireland anytime soon please??!! We would love to see you on this side of the Atlantic! You have a big fan base here, particularly in Cork!

    Keep up the good work!


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