Tour Announcement!

I’m hitting the road with my pal Piff The Magic Dragon. Tickets on sale Friday, February 11. Check my Dates Page to see if we’re coming to a town near you.


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  1. John Marshall

    Santa Fe! You’re so close. Land of Enchantment, you must come and play your magic tunes

  2. Kyle

    Hi P: That Billie Eilish cover is beautiful. You sound sooo good. The milk, tears, notes, black background….very moving and stylish (I didn’t mean to rhyme, but it sounds good). So I’ll see you with Piff in October. I’m beyond happy to be ALIVE to see it. One week after seeing you in Redbank, NJ, I had a very bad heart attack. My heart stopped twice, compressions, shocks, 2 stents and miraculously, I’m in one piece with no heart or brain damage. Thank you UNIVERSE. When I got home, I texted a girlfriend about what happened and she said, “OMG, I’m so sorry, I’m glad ur all right. At least you got to see PUDDLES! ” She knows where it’s at! Cosmic love Babes, c u (Hope ur laughing, no tears, I’m ok.)

  3. jan

    1st group of tickets arrived today!!!!3 more coming!!!!

  4. Stephen Kent


    No North Carolina?


    Now I’m havin a pity party.

  5. David Veit

    when in upper New York State

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