Brand New Items in Souvenir Shop!

Take a gander at all the new souvenirs in the shop. In addition to a new CD and new t-shirt and hoodie, I’m especially excited to bring you the first edition of the Puddles Pity Party Official Program and Informational Magazine. I teamed up with my pal Bob Rucker to create a special satirical publication that harkens back to National Lampoon, Spy and Mad Magazine. Packed with jokes and useful information along with a peek into life on the road, it’s suitable for home, work and every place of worship! Cover art by Robert Jimenez and photos by Emily Butler Photography.


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9 Responses to Brand New Items in Souvenir Shop!

  1. J. Stronach

    Hiya Puddles.
    Thx for the goodies. Have bought me some.
    But still so many good songs waiting for release…..

    Stay healthy, stay safe.


  2. Jack

    Hiya Puddles,
    I already have downloaded (almost) all of your songs. Still bought the new cd hoping the audio quality would be better in comparison with the MP4 format used on the downloaded songs. And it is! Some of the songs have a different arrangement as well. Nice! Like it a lot.

    Any chance more cd’s are on their way? Would love to hear all your music in good audio quality.


  3. Rusty lockett

    Puddles, you are an awesome singer, been following you on FB for a while, and went to see you in Alabama last fall, amazing talented singer you are.
    Wish you come through the Knoxville, maybe even Chattanooga area sometime, would make it easier to get to see you live again.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Fred W

    hey! many of your coffee mugs merch are “out of stock”
    When? when? when?

  5. Thank you for the great music and poster. Can you do ‘Bridge of Light?’

  6. alejandro gonzalez gonzalez

    Hola genio, soy de BARCELONA al otro lado del charco, hay posibilidad de que los elementos de tu tienda me puedan llegar, o hay algún camino ??, si no es posible Seguiré igualmente su sombra y tu música. “TU SI QUE SABES”.

  7. Fran mara

    Would love to see a t-shirt of a picture of puddles sitting on the Moon. We’ll see you in Cincinnati in October. Looking forward to meeting you.

  8. Frances Robinson

    Hi just purchased your cd today, looking forward to getting it, do you have any others for sale? Will you be coming to Connecticut anytime soon? Thanks so much!!

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