Special Announcement!

Oh hello. I’m excited to announce that Dave Hill will be joining me on my tour next month. He brings his unique brand of just-for-weirdos comedy and musical derring-do, elevating this show to unfathomable heights….and all new lows. Tickets on sale now. http://bit.ly/P3tour.


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4 Responses to Special Announcement!

  1. Kyle

    Hey P: I just watched a couple Dave Hill videos. I laughed! Looking forward to seeing you in December. Cosmic Love, Kyle

  2. Roger

    My wife & I saw the show in Red Bank, N.J., Loved it, Was so awesome, Definitely going to see him again.

  3. JB


    I have been looking forward to your tour reaching us down here in Florida and snagged my ticket right away!

    But sadly (and not in a GOOD sort of “Puddles sadness” way) the rise of Omnicron variant in this state makes January concerts a very bad idea. Last week, we reached the highest number of new cases in one day since the first variant hit in March of 2020.

    Apologies for being such a bummer, but won’t you please do what is possible to reschedule this leg of the tour, so that more of us can attend your show on a safer date? The sadness of not attending a mid-January show would be surpassed by the risks of avoidable exposure of fans to illness, which would seem to be the reason many venues are rescheduling.

  4. william A honig

    Looking forward to seeing you this year.

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